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This investigation is found on a dating website known as Through our very own study we know this website is actually associated with some other online dating sites that individuals have actually uncovered previously for fraudulent company strategies. These web sites include,,,, and

On The Web Cupids

Probably the initial thing that was a red-flag that screamed con to all of us had been the fact that you need to agree that you recognize that web site uses something known as “on line Cupids”. acknowledges they normally use “fantasy users” being run by website. Should you check out the evidence below (circled in red-colored) we now have integrated the actual declaration you need to agree to before you could create a free membership on the website. It’s a sick laugh that you need to accept becoming called by fictitious women who are not also legit members of the site. What type of globe do we live in where online dating sites can think the ok generate totally fabricated female users and plaster those throughout their dating site. Just how so is this possible, why is it permitted?.

Fake Communications From Girl’s Who Will Ben’t Even Members Of Your Website

The main “on the web Cupids” marketing strategy could be the using artificial messages which are delivered to people who possess a no cost membership about matchmaking solution. We now have integrated as research below one of several immediate communications we was given circled in red that states “Online Cupid”. This signifies your lady giving united states communications isn’t an actual individual, she’s been manufactured because of the internet dating solution to make it looks as if a genuine person is sending you those instant chat communications. But as you care able to see inside evidence it states that we “have exceeded all of our limit of messages” therefore we must upgrade our membership. This is all a fraud to get all of us to improve our profile, which is how entire con work really works.

No Real Women, Merely “On The Web Cupids”

We’ve currently stated that a large greater part of the female users are artificial about this dating site. But we additionally planned to include proof to show you exactly what to take into consideration in fact it isn’t extremely tough. As you can tell in proof the language “Online Cupid” circled in red-colored. They are certainly not covering the truth that the site is full of “on line Cupids”, the only issue is a lot of people hardly understand what an “using the internet Cupid” is. However should you decide got the amount of time to sit down down and then click in the small “using the internet Cupid” it could take you right to the stipulations page where they discuss in more detail just what actually “on the web Cupids” are and just how one can use them. This little scam is covering in simple view.

So now you’re probably wondering in which these photographs come from, as these women can ben’t really people in the website. We did a little bit of searching around utilizing an application plan which assisted you the determine that a number of the pictures in these fake pages had been found on xxx porno sites. We have provided the links on drive places where those exact fake feminine user profiles are found in the porn internet sites. This is certainly the main research we now have gathered to show this particular web site is not a legitimate dating service at all.

(This image has also been found on xxx porno websites instance

(This picture ended up being found on multiple web sites which can be given just below)

 This Website Pays Individuals To Pretend To Truly Like You

Yes, you browse the concept says they really shell out individuals to pretend getting thinking about you. Which could appear crazy to a few folks but this is really a verifiable fact. They plainly acknowledge to utilizing third-party companies as part of their particular “Online Cupid” (section 9C) plan. These alternative party companies tend to be compensated to correspond along with you via emails eg e-mail and instant chat emails. That you do not think us? Select this back link and read the area 9c in the conditions and terms were they clearly outline just what we now have mentioned right here.

An important goal of these third-party companies would be to drive you into buying a subscription to this website. Once you’ve ordered a membership to the website these 3rd party companies will continue getting one to ensure that you continue steadily to shell out the monthly registration as long as they may be able fool you.

The Terms & Problems Clarify Almost Everything

There is referenced the stipulations throughout this research. Now you can read for yourself exactly within the terms of just how these “Online Cupids” are used through out their dating website. We’ve copied those conditions as possible study here. You can even simply click this backlink to review them right on your website. This merely verifies everything that we’ve stated is 100percent  real.

We now have included the most crucial parts of the Terms and Conditions web page (area 9) below along with a hyper backlink to the Terms and Conditions web page.

THIS WEBSITE USES FANTASY PROFILES NAMED ONLINE CUPIDS®: You understand, know, and concur that certain user profiles posted on this website is fictitious and operated from the Site or the technicians. These pages and related messages tend to be conspicuously identified making use of the on line Cupids logo design .

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We find it completely disgusting these particular sort of online dating sites are allowed to operate with impunity. Our very own examination has actually proved without a shadow of any doubt that the internet site is nothing but a scam designed to rip off unsuspecting male users. We recommend you might think twice before buying any form of membership on this solution.

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