We either try to work it out, or maybe I’m one of the stories in the book that the marriage can’t make it through my sobriety. I just read one of your stories, and I really need some advice. I’m three years sober, and I am now separated from my husband. It’s been eight months, and we are at the turning point. I am in a similar space and it all feels very hard. That “how do other people know how to do this” part really hit home for me.

What I initially regretted was Bill’s lost charm and warmth. I was attracted to his sensibilities and the ease with which he could be just as comfortable in his business suit as his biking gear. In early recovery, his affect was very abrupt, and his affection felt stiff. I began to doubt which Bill was authentic.

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Colleen Quinn serves as a valuable member of the Burning Tree Ranch clinical team. Utilizing her multi-year training in the behavioral health field, Colleen incorporates practical experience with sound clinical interventions to help facilitate the therapeutic process. Through Colleen’s own recovery, she has learned that once dysfunction has been addressed, lives can drastically change. Colleen’s goal is to help others discover what is not working in their lives and make lasting changes. Sober since 2017, Colleen is an alumnus of Burning Tree Ranch.

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The rebalancing of a person’s nervous system—including many neurotransmitters that regulate anxiety, stress, and depression—can take time. When relationships are glued together because of alcohol and drinking, and one person decides to change, it’s very hard, in the beginning, to be on the same page.

Healing from the Impact of Addiction on Your Relationship

While the science of biological activity and behavior are her specialty, Jennifer also helps manage Burning Tree’s state licensing and compliance standards. A Texas native, Jennifer joined Burning Tree in 2007. She is happily married with two children and ten beautiful grandchildren.

With his sobriety came spirituality and empathy, and with his sobriety marriage changes after sobriety would come an apology. I expected abstinence to fix everything.

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The consequences of living this way and doing nothing to try to make a change can be long-lasting and may include mental illnesses, chronic health problems, permanent injuries, and damaged relationships. Many spouses of heavy drinkers harbor the hope that, if their spouse would only quit, everything might return to normal. But while a renewed, healthy relationship is possible after addiction, the truth is that the process often takes time. The recovery journey will often involve a lot of personal work for both of you, and a lot of permanent change.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and clouds judgment, causing arguments and misunderstandings. It’s also an expensive habit, and finances are one of the leading causes of conflict in a marriage. Once the sufferer seeks help for the addiction, the couple can start working on their relationship. Alcoholism and marriage is a complicated pairing that can be incredibly challenging to handle without professional guidance. Addiction harms relationships in a variety of ways due to the fact it makes the sufferer prioritize alcohol higher than anything else.

Helping Your Addicted Spouse at 12 Keys Rehab

I was the victim of spousal abuse, physical and mental, and not only did I stay with my abuser, I stayed with him and started a family. He was now spending evenings at AA, filling his “drinking time” with “meeting times,” still leaving me alone with a toddler.

If you are a woman over 40 and you’re resisting getting sober because your husband or partner drinks or society and friends are pushing you into drinking, then this is the episode for you. Dr. Leslie H. Secrest serves as Medical Director and Psychiatrist at Burning Tree Ranch. Responsible for helping uphold the organization’s commitment to excellence, Dr Secrest believes in a holistic approach to treating mental health and addiction. A native of Dallas, TX his numerous awards and recognitions serve as a testament to his 20+ years of service in the field of medicine. Carey Ferren serves as the Alumni Director for Burning Tree Ranch. With fifteen years of service as a Ranch team member, Carey has participated in multiple roles throughout his career ranging from Counselor to Assistant Clinical Director. Today, as Director of Alumni, Carey incorporates his therapeutic background to engage our Alumni in a host of community-based activities designed to inspire a deeper sense of fellowship and connectedness.